10 Free Online Photo Resizing Tools,Applications and Utilities

As a blogger or web designer you Afton need some handy applications and utilities, that can help in your project. Internet is full of such applications, tools and utilities. Like in my previous post i share online text counters and online photo editing applications. there are lots of many other free applications available that can help you to complete your project in more efficient way. There is no need to install any software and use your hard disk space, because these tools are available on internet and you can use it online.

Online Photo Resizing are also such tools, that helps you to resize the size of a photo or image to any dimension. I personally like these services, because i don’t want to use my hard disk space for such utilities. These are online available applications and we can use for free. Especially for bloggers and web designers these are really very helpful services. In order to reduce time in writing posts, these tools are very useful. I collect some useful and free available online photo resizing utilities, you can check below.

1. PhotoSize

online photo resizing

PhotoSize is a free available application, which is use to resize a photo or image to any size. First click on “Brows” button, select the image or photo you want to resize from your PC and then Enter the height and weight for the image. Click on “Submit” button. It will resize the image and allow you to save the image in your computer. Save the photo or screen shot and upload it to your blog, website or any where.

2. ShrinkPictures

batchphoto resizing

As the name indicate, that shrink picuters. Means that resize photos, images, screen shots or pictures to any size. The best thing about shrickpictures.com is that it allows you to resize pictures in bulk. You can resize 10 pictures at a time. You can also select “Good”, “Better” and “Best” quality for your resizing image. This is a great application for bloggers and web designers.

3. Resize2Mail

resize photo in 3 steps

Resize 2 Mail is designed for those who want to quickly resize there photos, images or screen shots. In just 3 easy steps you can resize your images. There is no need to install any software. It is so simple and clean. Brows your image, select size for the image and click on “Ok” button to resize the image.

4. PicResize

picture resize

The easy way to corp and resize your images is to use PicResize, which is a free online available utility. It is so simple and need no expertise. Just brows the photo or screen shot and click on “continue” button. It will show you available sizes for the photo. Select the size and click on “Resize Pic” button. Apart from resizing, you can use different format for your images. You can save your photo or image in JPG, PNG, BMP or GIF format.

5. WebResizer

This one is more advance as compare to other resizers. It has many options like reduce image size, sharpen images, adjust brightness and contrast, crop photos, add a border, rotate images etc. Another good thing about WebResizer is that it needs no registration. Just like in my previous post i share “Upload images without registration” similarly WebResizer also allow you to resize images without registration.

Other Photo Resizers

1. Resize It

2. Resizr

3. Reshade

4. ResizeMyPicture

5. Reduce Photo


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    I generally use CompuPic for this purpose.

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    http://www.batchimageresize.com makes a good 11th too ;-). Upload a zip containing all your images and it’ll return them back to you at a new size in seconds.

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