Automatically Forward All Mails From One Gmail Account to Another Gmail

Logging in to multiple gmail accounts is always a hectic task.  As every gmail account of yours might be associated with your important activities and you have to check all accounts for new incoming emails.  It is quite time consuming to login and logout from each of your account. If you are like me then you probably will need a simple solution to save time and deal with this problem. I have found a super duper solution for this problem which allows you to automatically forward all your incoming emails from multiple accounts to your primary gmail account. It is basically merging all gmail accounts into one of your primary gmail account.

Suppose if you are using 5 gmail accounts and you want to receive all emails in one gmail account. Then you can forward all emails from gmail 1, gmail 2, gmail 3 and gmail 4 to your gmail 5 account. Then there is no need to login to all accounts, because you can receive all mails in your gmail 5 account. You can even replay to a incoming email from gmail 5 account on behalf of any of your other gmail account.

This method allows you to send and receive emails from one single email that is called “Primary” account. As the procedure is little technical and confusing, make sure to follow step-by-step as mentioned below. It is recommended to use different browsers to login to your both gmail accounts at a time. This will save you some time.

How to Automatically Forward Mails from One Gmail to Another Gmail Account

Step 1:- Login to your Primary Gmail account (Primary means where you want to receive mails from other gmail accounts.)

Step 2:- Click on “Setting” button located at the top right side of your account.

Step 3:- Select  “Accounts” tab and then click on “Add another email address you own”.

accounts in gmail

Step 4:- Now you will see another window. Where you will have to enter the email address of your 2nd gmail account.

Enter your 2nd emails address in the “Email Address” along with your “Name” in the respective fields and click on “Next Step” button.

Add another email address you own

Step 5:-  After the 4th step, you will see another window, where you have to click on “Send Verification” button. Just click on the button to verify that the email address you entered is correct and owned by you. You can see in below image.

Step 6:- Now you will see another box, where you have to enter the Verification code, sent to your 2nd gmail address. Login to your 2nd gmail and copy the code you received from gmail. Paste the code in box and click on “Verify” button. See the below image.

Step 7:- Now a new email address has been added and confirmed to your Primary gmail account. Similarly add all your other email addresses using the same method. Verify and confirm all the email address and now follow the steps below to forward mails from all the added email address to your Primary account.

Forward Mails from All Gmail Address to the Primary Address

(These steps are for Primary email address and are optional. This will help you to create Labels in your Primary email so that email coming from a specific account are stored inside a dedicated label.)

Step 8:- Click on the “Labels” tab inside the Settings. Scroll down and click on “Create new label” Write a name for your new label and click on ‘Create” button. (Note:- Name the label as your “2nd Gmail” OR whatever you want, but remember that all the emails you will receive from your 2nd gmail address, will be assigned to this Label. So make sure to add labels that you will later recognize. Although the email will still appear in your Inbox but organized in its own Label.)


New Label in gmail

Note:- Create labels for all other gmail accounts that you want to add in your Primary account.

Step 9:- After creating “Labels” the next step is to create a new Filter. Click on “Filter” tab located near the “Labels” button in Settings.

Under “Filters” setting click on the button “Create a new Filter” and you will see another window.

Gmail Filters

Enter your 2nd email address in the T0: box and click on “Create filter with this search” (See the screen shot below)

Filter in Gmail

Step 10:- Now you will see another box, where you will have to assign the “Label” you created in step 8 to your 2nd email address. So that all the emails coming to your 2nd gmail account are assigned to this label.

Tick to “Apply the Label” button and select the Label to assign to your email address and click on “Create filter” button.

Assign Label to Filter

Now all the mails coming from your “2nd email address” will go to the label you selected. You can create filters for all other gmail accounts that you plan to add to your Primary Account.

The above settings were associated with your Primary account but now you need to login to your 2nd gmail account so that we can automatically forward all the emails to the Primary account.

Steps to Forward Emails from Other Gmail Accounts

Step 11:- Login to your 2nd gmail account.

Step 12:- Click on “Setting” and then click “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab. Click on “Add a forwarding address” and enter your Primary email address in the box.

Forwarding mails

Enter your Primary Email address and click on “Next” button.

Add a forwarding address

Now click on “Proceed” button to confirm the forwarding process.

Step 13:- A confirmation link will be sent to your Primary Email account. Login back to your Primary Gmail account and click on the Confirmation link to verify the forwarding process.

Step 14:- Once again you will need to login to your 2nd gmail account to tick the option “Forward a copy of incoming mail to” to your Primary email. This is the final step. Login to your 2nd gmail (secondary account) and go to “Forward POP/IMP” and tick the “Forward a copy of incoming mail to”, select your Primary account and click on “Save Changes” button.

Forwarding confirmation

Now all incoming emails from your “2nd email address” will automatically  be forwarded to your primary email address, and you will see all the mails assigned to the “Label” you created in step 8.

You can add as many emails as you own. Here is the summary of the process.

  1. Add your Secondary Emails to your Primary Email Account
  2. Create Labels
  3. Create Filters and assign them to the respective labels.
  4. Login to your Secondary Email account and add the Primary Email address for the forwarding.

Hope you have successfully implemented the process. Feel free to post comments below if you have any problem during the process.

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  1. john Avatar

    This is all fine and dandy, except that your real email address is visible in the header, regardless of what you use to send with.

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    Personally I think this is still a major problem with Gmail. If you have several addresses just like me you need to login and logout a numerous of times to check all of them.

  8. Vulfox Avatar

    But how do you prevent gmail from filtering spam before forwarding?

    I really don’t want to log in to several gmail accounts just to check the spam folder.

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    I have’nt try this yet. but as you mentioned and people remakes about it im sure its usefull. but here my question is this…. my gmail account is full and i have not recieving any new mails. the setup yu mentiond is for backup of new incomming mails. but what will be the possible way to forword all old mails to another gmail account?

  16. Bilal Ahmad Avatar
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    Here’s my issue: I have set up Forwarding from to appear in Any messages sent to accountB appear successfully in accountA, as you describe above. But when I click Reply, it says To: accountB – not to the sender of the email. How do I get it to reply automatically to the sender and not to the forwarding from address?

    1. Bilal Ahmad Avatar
      Bilal Ahmad

      Petnard@ It will be great if you take a screen shot of what you want to achieve. I will then be able to provide the exact solution for your problem.

  21. stuffinjuffin Avatar

    This does not work for me. I have a Gmail hosted college account, and a regular Gmail account. When I follow the steps above… some window comes up saying it can’t identify my college’s POP server. I called IT and they just told me to download Thunderbird or whatever. But I won’t do it unless I have to, out of stubbornness. The problem is too absurd to not have a simple rational answer.

    1. Bilal Ahmad Avatar
      Bilal Ahmad

      Stuffinjuffin@ This is a very simple process, but you need to follow the process from the scratch. It works in all web browsers. Firefox and Chrome are the best one.

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    Vijay Thakur (develpment team member)

    Hello All,
    I am one of the developer team member, and would like to share a simple solution to transfer all mail from one gmail account to another gmail account without forwarding mail from an account.

    There is a desktop application that lets you enable to do this task buy a few clicks . It is “Beyond Inbox”.
    Follow the link to know about how to transfer mail–how-to-copy-move-emails-in-imap-account.html

  23. BT Avatar

    This was great! I set up 10 accounts to filter and forward. The time investment to set it all up was well worth the convenience. Thanks for the tutorial.

  24. Mary Ann Schauerhamer Avatar
    Mary Ann Schauerhamer

    Thanks for the tips. There is just one thing that doesn’t make sense to me. When I create the filter for the emails coming in from a secondary email, shouldn’t I write the address of the secondary account in the “From” box? Otherwise, won’t it label every email that comes in, regardless of who sends it to me, as coming from the secondary address? I think that’s what it did so I changed it so that it has the secondary address in the “from” box, and the primary address in the “to” box. Another question I have though is how to forward all my previous messages from my secondary account to my primary account in just one step, rather than one by one, so that I can reply to them using the primary account as the sender so that people won’t continue threads on the old email address?

    1. Bilal Ahmad Avatar
      Bilal Ahmad

      Mary@ Yes exactly you need to enter your 2ndary email address in the From Box. Thanks for the correction, i will review the post and again sort out if there is any other mistake.

      Regarding the 2nd question, if you are planning to forward all the previous emails from a account to another account, you can use “Accounts and Import” menu to import emails and contacts from one to another email.

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  26. nitin sanghi Avatar
    nitin sanghi

    Your article is good. In our office one notorious person has forwarded our gmail a/c without my permission to his another email id and started stealing the information. Can you please inform since when the mail of security code for any new autoforward was introduced by google since we were not aware as to when that person has kept maiforward?

    1. Bilal Ahmad Avatar
      Bilal Ahmad

      Nitin@ I think this is beyond my knowledge. However you can ask in Gmail forum about this.

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  29. Emily Avatar

    I have account A merged into account B. When I recieve an email in account B from account A and I reply it shows that it is coming from Account B. Is there a way to reply and it come from the email address the sender sent the original email too?

    1. Bilal Ahmad Avatar
      Bilal Ahmad

      When sending a mail from Account B select the Email Address A from the drop down menu by clicking the “Change” button located just before your Email B.

  30. Ravindra Avatar

    if we receive mail in my personal gmail id how can i automaticaly forawrd the mail in our company id

    1. Bilal Ahmad Avatar
      Bilal Ahmad

      The same method can also be used for that. Follow all the steps and use your company email ID as Primary.


    This is a great blog .my problem is now solved
    thanks again

  32. v Avatar

    Here’s a scenario: Email is forwarded from secondary Gmail to primary Gmail. I reply from the primary Gmail account. However, the reply will only show in the Sent Mail of my primary Gmail. If I log into 2nd Gmail account, I have no record of what I sent, and no conversation thread. Is there a way of ensuring email threads stay within the Gmail account they relate to, even if they were replied to from the primary Gmail account?

    1. Bilal Ahmad Avatar
      Bilal Ahmad

      The email will be only shown in Primary Email. As it is sent from Primary on behalf of Secondary Email.

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    Mely Johnson

    This is out of topic, but I have been looking for answers/solution to my a problem I have regarding my original gmail address that I have not been able to access to for more than 2 weeks now. I now created a new address, but I need to be able to open the old email address as I have some important documents saved in the drafts. Also, my blog just disappeared because I changed my username to the new one as I cannot sign in with my old username. Now I lost both my gmail address and my blogger account. Can you please help me recover them. thank you very much.

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    I am among many people who are seeking a way to forward all the ALREADY RECEIVED and, for example, the full content of my SENT MAIL folder to another address. Is there any way at all to do this? I have been forwarding incoming email to another address, for local backup purposes, for some time. But I just discovered that the secondary address is not receiving the SENT mail that I originate from the GMail account. It only gets the incoming mail. One way might be to set up an automatic CC of every email I send from GMail, but I have yet to find out how to do that as well.

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    The post is now updated according to the Gmail new interface. Let me know if you found any difficulty in the process.

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    Works great! Instructions were very precise and helpful. Thank you!

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      You are welcome Kathy G.

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    can you dispaly any header

    i want to know if the message received by the seconde mail have gmail on from mail

    Or received the same header like the source mail

    thanks in advance

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    Thanks for this tutorial. Worked great for me. Strange how much misinformation I came across before I landed here – many even omitted the steps for the primary account after setting up the secondary. And thanks also for keeping the procedure updated – don’t see that much these days.

    1. Bilal Ahmad Avatar
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      Pual@ I am glade it worked for you.

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    Just curious..after I start forwarding mail into one acct…does it still show up in the other acct as well or once forwarded does it only show in primary acct

    1. Bilal Ahmad Avatar
      Bilal Ahmad

      You have the option to leave copy on the secondary or to delete when it is forwarded.

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